About Us

The FLAMINIA NEXTONE project – Evolved Cultural District project of the Via Flaminia, is developed from the recognition of the uniqueness and the identity value of the territory crossed by the Roman road which was, since ancient times, an important axis of communication and a centre of economic turmoil. This route – the Via Flaminia – is where is held an “intangible cultural capital” that has grown and developed by the exchange of knowledge, with the practices of the local community and where there is integration and synergy between the growth of cultural heritage and a general strategy of regional development.

The strategic goals of the Flaminia NEXTONE project concern the protection and valorisation of assets (land resources, landscapes and cultural heritage, generic local heritage) of the Flaminia, implemented through different actions including:
– a new local governance system;
– the creation of a network of local economies connected (directly or indirectly) through the development of new technologies and innovative products and services;
– the consolidation of citizens’ identity and cohesion.